January 6th 2021: A day of shame and infamy (US Politics)

 A short statement and editorial from BDunicorn Today my fellow Americans, is a day of shame and infamy, This is a coup and domestic terrorism. Make no mistake about it. Yet peaceful protests are condemned as riots, but the police agitated them. However the “Save America march protesters” are attacking the police and storming Congress. This is sedition to support treacherous subversion of democracy. No one can say this is like Black Lives Matter movements or Women’s March, these aren’t people marching for their rights to be respected they are marching to disrespect democracy and liberty, to uphold arbitrary authority and fascism over freedom. The Republican Party or GOP has lost all legitimacy in the republic by entertaining these terrorists. Citizens have the right to protest how they see fit you say but this is not the true voice of the people, this is the fringe eroding on a country trying to free itself from reactionary right. The Right will lose, but they won’t go down easily.

Am I valid? An overview on reflections on self image and internet culture.

This may be continued for later. That is the question am I valid? I don't feel valid. I get so many constant validations, but there is a little seed of doubt that refuses to believe. This is commonly known as imposter syndrome. I think I have felt this because of an almost constant sense of alienation: I knew I was different. People who know me in real life or more personal if still on the internet only, tell me that I am beautiful, attractive, and yet I cannot shake the anxiety of authenticity. Among trans spaces, this is at best ironically and at worst pejoratively called The Hugbox and it is very bad for a lot of reasons, not only because of its origins from ableism against autistic people, but implies that affirmations are fake, and the truth is negative. One is receptive to such an attitude when they believe that the truth hurts– it can hurt, sometimes, but truth can be healing, positive, and affirming, and lies can be negative and hurtful. The Hug-box sounds good, I m

Nonsense poetry: September 2020 (17+)

 Poems by Brittany Tw//Cw: reclaimed homophobic slurs, sexual themes, swears, and drug references.  The Ballad of Pathology: Queering therapy Pansexuals take pot Bisexuals take bikes Lesbians take dykes Gay men take bots Asexuals take the cake Aromantics take the bow These are my people I wish I were queer So I can fuck your butt I need to get laid ASAP Because my therapist never loved me at all Parasocial delusions Will be the death of me and you all! The Lady's Prayer Goddess of the Moon, Goddess of the Void Please forgive me For I have not sinned Let me be not forsaken Let me be a dark evil A blight, on this planet  Pray for me Saint Sappho  For I want a woman– To be in my life, forever And also, let me be one, For I am a girl of beauty. Bless this pink pill of E Bless my breasts and butt Let it grow to be beloved.  The Sanctuary: Body Sacredness My body is a temple What does it resemble? To these parts I assemble Will become a win of a gamble I will grow to all of my goals I wa

Yearning in these trying times: a poem.

  A poem by Brittany Diana Yearning Imagine wanting something, or rather someone you love and cherish so much Do shoppers and lovers dream of quarantine memes? Once in the near reaches of Pennsylvania, in the dying monuments of consumerism, There was I, and my soulmate, and my other girlfriends, going to see what we miss. First, we were on an adventure, through the side suburban streets and country roads. All the signs lead to the malls, shops, and stores, you must buy, sell, and do business. We then take some things– games, food, products, and services, but why do we all pay? It is soulless– we find our soul in the soulless condition, lest our mind and bones decay.   Become a unicorn patron today!

Writer's Commentary on my Feminist Essay from College.

Hello everyone, this is Brittany, the writer behind BDUnicorn. I remembered I had written an essay on a final essay I had written on feminist views of transgender issues and I had argued that the correct position was that feminists should include trans people, especially trans women and transfeminine non-binary people like myself. That's the synopsis of the essay. I had written it originally in the months of April and May in the year 2019. So it's over a year since I had turned it in to a philosophy professor who taught me as the course's final exam. Here is the link to it This blog will be my commentary on it. The essay has a dry, even stale, yet factual set up and introduction. I demonstrate knowledge by specifically comparing TERFs and other radical feminists, especially feminists that are pro-trans and include trans women in their feminism, rather than exclude. One thing I did, which I may not have done in hindsight, as use autogynephilia as a touchstone for med

Short Poem: The self-esteem of a lady

She was the darling of the divine, she was the belle of the ball She was said to be the most beautiful person in the universe Yet this feminine person did not see herself as beautiful at all -Brittany Diana Become a patron to support this blog

Ode to depression (poem)

I am dull, I am numb, I am only a person that will stare I feel null, and it was something that is no longer there I see that nothing is my life, I see the gray skies above I hear the soft buzzing noises of the white lights above The senses are dull, the senses have numbed, for I am null The self is yearning for pleasure that heals the soul. The boredom reigns sovereign supreme above all The joy and merriment of my life is fleeting, for I am null. Where is the joy and how does one live life to pleasure? Who is my significant other, who will be my treasure? When will my life improve, will there be something? What will come next, what shall we do today, nothing? -Brittany Become a patron today!